The Ultimate Halloween Fright!

Spoiler Alert! – We’ve Found the Ultimate Fright for Halloween

If you’re looking for the best way to give your friends (and enemies) a fright this Halloween, we reckon we’ve found it. And trust us, it packs a serious scare.

Think carefully – what one thing is guaranteed to get people’s heart racing, to scream in horror and make them run, panic-stricken, to a safe place?

Yep, you got it. Revealing TV spoilers.

If you want to know more, read on – if you dare…

A Terrifying New Service

We’ve all been in that petrifying position where we’ve missed the latest episode of the hottest TV show. The next day, we’ve entered the office with trepidation, scared that it’ll be the main topic of conversation between all your colleagues and you’ll stumble upon some sacred information that’ll spoil the entire episode.

Well, here at Parcels Please we have perfectly utilised the horror we feel when we realise a bombshell spoiler is about to be revealed. Just in time for Halloween, by launching a new TV spoiler service that can help you take your trick-or-treat game to new levels.

Genius or utterly evil? That depends if you’re on the receiving end!

Causing a Real Fright

Forget about creepy costumes or jumping out from behind doors, these pranks have been done to death. Real frights come without any warning and unexpectedly delivering a TV spoiler will most certainly be a nasty surprise for the recipient.

A massive 64% of the public said that they’ve had their favourite TV shows ruined by spoilers before, but a special delivery of these is probably the last thing they’d expect!

TV Show Spoilers-01

The shows that people are most sensitive about spoiler reveals include:

Game of Thrones – 38%

Big Little Lies – 14%

Suits – 13%

Other top searched-for shows include The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Pretty Little Liars and Power. So if you’re looking to deliver a little TV spoiler shock to your friends this Halloween, these shows are the perfect place to start.

TV Show Spoilers-02

At the top of the list, Game of Thrones attracts nearly 3 million UK viewers each episode, with each one incredibly highly-anticipated by fans. Filled with unexpected story arcs and gruesome plot twists, it’s considered sacrilege amongst fans to reveal spoiler alerts. Unheard of, in fact. Or so they think.

A Delivery with a Plot Twist

If you’re interested in this brilliantly evil new TV spoiler service, practice your best dastardly laugh and email the address at the bottom of the page to register your interest.

From there, you’ll be able to select the TV show you’d like to ruin for your unsuspecting victim and they’ll receive a package in disguised as a normal parcel, only for it to reveal spoilers upon opening.

What makes this even better than a traditional Halloween scare is the fact that this fright will be more than just a fleeting one. We guarantee that it won’t just ruin their day but also their enjoyment of their favourite show each and every week.

Just be sure to choose your victim carefully as this Halloween fright might leave you in the bad books for quite a while. You’d better start getting prepared for the oncoming revenge they’ll look to exact…!

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