Parcel Claims

How do I make a claim for loss or damage?

The Loss/Damage Cover you receive as standard with your shipment is up to £60 for parcel deliveries and up to £100 for pallet deliveries. Additional cover is also available to be purchased during the booking process. Please be aware that the standard and additional Loss/Damage Cover available is taken out with ParcelsPlease and not with the carriers themselves.

Claims can be made for missing and damaged consignments only. PLEASE NOTE: claims cannot be made for late deliveries and no claim can be made for the loss or damage of Prohibited or Own Risk items. If a consignment contains an Own Risk or Prohibited item, the entire consignment in uninsurable and no claim can be made.

The maximum paid out under any claim will be the maximum covered by yourself, at either the standard inclusive rate, or through the additional cover purchased.

Loss/damage claims will not reimburse lost profit or consequential loss.  This means that you will be reimbursed the value of the item subject to the specific cover selected.

IMPORTANT: Please keep ALL packaging as this will be required for the investigation process. Where possible, it is suggested that you take photographs of the damaged item.

How do I submit a claim?

All claims must be submitted via the ParcelsPlease support suite.

Damaged shipments must be reported to ParcelsPlease within five working days of delivery and missing shipments must be reported within two working days of the due date.

ParcelsPlease may request additional information including purchase and sales invoices for the full shipment or the part of the shipment the claim relates to, along with repair value if possible.  You must submit the supporting information within a further three working days.

ParcelsPlease will then process the claim. Claims usually take between 4-8 weeks to be fully processed. Usually claims will be settled by ParcelsPlease in the form of a credit note.

Can I claim for the loss or damage of my item?

There are some items which are not covered for loss or damage and are exempt from the standard and additional cover through the ParcelsPlease website.

Prohibited items cannot be sent through a parcel network and if sent contravene ParcelsPlease Terms and Conditions of Carriage.  If any Prohibited items are sent, there will be no cover for loss or damage. Sending these items renders your entire consignment uninsurable.

Own Risk items can be sent through a parcel network but are easily breakable. If an own risk item is sent, there will be no cover available for loss or damage. To ensure your Own Risk items are packed to withstand the rigours of transport, please read through our packaging guidelines. Sending these items renders your entire consignment uninsurable.