Packaging Advice

Let’s not fall out – please protect your items

Of the very few damages which do occur when using our parcel delivery services, the majority are due to insufficient packaging.

As a parcel network is in semi-automated and part of the sortation process utilises an automated conveyor system, it’s important that your items are packed securely. We would always recommend that you follow our packaging guidelines, in order to minimise any damage which may occur during transit.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Packaging
All items should be boxed, with no loose ends, plastic bags or protruding edges Please do not pack your items in plastic, cloth or fabric bags – a strong cardboard box must be used
Your parcels need to be packaged well enough to withstand a drop from approximately waist height at arms length – this is in the event that your parcel falls off the conveyor belt during processing Do not strap parcels together – this may result in the loss/delay of your parcels and additional charges. Should strapped parcels be separated during transit, the consignment will no longer be covered for loss or damage
When selecting your packaging supplies, please consider strength, durability and cushioning Please do not use cellophane tape or rope to seal your shipment – strong packing tape must be used
When reusing a box, remove all labels and stickers. Ensure that the box is in good condition and not worn out Do not over-seal your parcel as your package may need to be opened by customs authorities for inspection
Many goods sold in attractive packaging will not be suitable for shipping – please repack your items in durable packaging in preparation for transit Never rely on ‘fragile’ or ‘this way up’ labels, your packaging should be sufficient enough to protect your items – the parcel conveyor service will be in the main automated and the machines cannot read these labels
Ensure your goods are well packaged inside your box using bubble wrap and foam or similar cushioning materials Do not overload your box, or under-fill your box as it may collapse – choose your box carefully


Choosing your box

Cushioning your items

It is important that you use plenty of cushioning in your parcels so that your item is not able to move about freely in the box. The use of good padding will protect your item against any knocks which it may experience during transit.

Use the most appropriate padding and wrap your items individually to prevent them from damaging other items in your package. We would recommend at least 2 inches of padding inside your box.

Appropriate Padding:

Sealing your box

Attaching your shipping labels

Sending fragile items?

If you are sending fragile items we would recommend that you wrap each item individually within your parcel – using bubble wrap or foam is a good idea. Please remember that your parcels are being sent through a parcel network. The parcel conveyor service will be in the main automated. As the machines cannot read, you cannot rely on ‘Fragile’ or ‘This way up’ labels or any other label. You need to ensure that your packaging is sufficient enough to protect your item.

Please note that many fragile items will be classed as Own Risk or Prohibited items and as such will not be covered for loss or damage. Please make sure you check these lists before processing your bookings.

Call us for advice

If you would like to get some advice from our Team with regard to the packaging of your items, please contact us on 01292 310 410.


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