Own Risk Items

Items not covered for Loss/Damage

In addition to the list of Prohibited items, which cannot be carried through a parcel network, there is a further class of goods that fall outside the terms and conditions of ParcelsPlease Loss/Damage Cover. These include fragile items which aren’t particularly well-suited to an automated sorting hub. It is not sufficient to put ‘breakable’ or ‘fragile’ labels on the box, the parcels are sorted using an automated process, and machines cannot read these labels.

Customers may book these items through the ParcelsPlease booking service, however carriage is entirely at your own risk. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure that your packaging is sufficient for the product when be processed through an automated conveyorable sorting system.

Should any damage occur to these items during transit, there is no cover for loss or damage, compensation, reimbursement or refund, or other amount payable by the parcel carrier or ParcelsPlease to the customer. Sending these items renders your entire consignment uninsurable.

Please carefully read the list of own risk items below. If you have any questions at all regarding the items you’re sending, please contact us for advice.

Description Added
Alloy Wheels (unless boxed) 05/04/2012
Amber 20/09/2010
Antiques 20/09/2010
Artwork 24/04/2013
Bathroom suite 23/03/2012
Beswick figures 20/09/2010
Bicycles (unless in a hard bike case/box) 12/03/2012
Bottle(s) 20/09/2010
Bulbs (Glass) 20/09/2010
Cameras 12/03/2012
Car body work of all kinds 27/06/2012
Car Bonnet and similar car body work 20/09/2010
Car Bumpers and similar car body work 20/09/2010
Car parts 27/06/2012
Cards 15/11/2012
Ceramic(s) 20/09/2010
Chandelier 20/09/2010
China 20/09/2010
Clocks 20/09/2010
Computer monitors 20/09/2010
Concrete 20/09/2010
Crystal 20/09/2010
Delicate items 20/09/2010
Detergent 20/09/2010
Diamonds 20/09/2010
Dinner service 20/09/2010
Documents 12/03/2012
Doors 01/09/2011
Figurines 20/09/2010
Fireplace 19/04/2012
Fish (vacuum packed) 20/09/2010
Fishing rod 20/09/2010
Fish tank 20/09/2010
Flowers 20/09/2010
Food Stuff 20/09/2010
Furniture 15/11/2012
Gems or gemstones 20/09/2010
Glass (all items containing glass or glass-like materials are shipped at your own risk) 20/09/2010
Glassware 20/09/2010
Gold 20/09/2010
Guitars (unless in a hard case) 20/09/2010
Hamper 20/09/2010
Headlights 20/09/2010
Iphones & Ipads 12/03/2012
Jewellery 20/09/2010
Lladro figures 20/09/2010
Lamp 20/09/2010
Laptops (if this item is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 20/09/2010
LCD televisions 03/02/2012
Leaflets 01/03/2012
Lenses 20/09/2010
Lights 20/09/2010
LPs 26/02/2013
Lighting 20/09/2010
Marble (or stone derivatives) 20/09/2010
Microscope 20/09/2010
Meat (vacuum packed) 20/09/2010
Medicines 01/09/2012
Microwave 20/09/2010
Mirror 20/09/2010
Mobile Phones 12/03/2012
Monitor 20/09/2010
Musical Instruments (unless in hard case) 20/09/2010
Negotiable documents 20/09/2010
Oil (small quantities of cooking oil may be shipped but as an own risk item) 15/05/2012
Ornament 20/09/2010
Oven 19/04/2012
Overhead projector 20/09/2010
Paintings 20/09/2010
PC (if this item is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 13/03/2012
Personal belongings 20/09/2010
Personal computer (if this item is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 13/03/2012
Perspex 20/03/2012
Pewter figures 20/09/2010
Picture (framed or otherwise) 20/09/2010
Plates 20/09/2010
Porcelain 20/09/2010
Pottery 20/09/2010
Precious metals 20/09/2010
Precious stones 20/09/2010
Printed materials 15/11/2012
Projector 20/09/2010
Records 26/02/2013
Resin 20/09/2010
Scanner 20/09/2010
Server (if this item is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 13/03/2012
Shower screen 20/09/2010
Silver 20/09/2010
SIM cards 20/09/2010
Solar panels 13/12/2016
Spectacles 20/09/2010
Stove 19/04/2012
Surfboards and Similar Items Updated 26/09/2014
Tablet Devices 12/03/2012
Tea set 20/09/2010
Telescope 20/09/2010
Television or computer monitor 20/09/2010
Tender documents 20/09/2010
Tickets 20/09/2010
Tiles 20/09/2010
Toilet 23/03/2012
Toilet cistern 23/03/2012
Torch 20/09/2010
Vase 20/09/2010
Velux window 20/09/2010
Vinyls 26/02/2013
Vouchers 20/09/2010
Watch 20/09/2010
Window 20/09/2010
Window frame 20/09/2010