Loss/Damage Cover

Everything you need to know

ParcelsPlease offers standard and additional Loss/Damage Cover to its customers for all shipments. You may see this entitled ‘Parcel Insurance’ on other websites. Every parcel shipment booked on the website is entitled to up to £60 Loss/Damage Cover per consignment as standard (exclusions apply). Pallet bookings are entitled to up to £100 Loss/Damage Cover per consignment (exclusions apply). Additional cover can be purchased during the checkout process on the website.

Loss/Damage Cover Information
Level of Cover Parcel Deliveries
Pallet Deliveries
Standard Cover (included) Cover up to £60* Cover up to £100*
Cover up to £400 £20.00 (+vat)* £20.00 (+vat)*
Cover up to £800 £50.00 (+vat)* £50.00 (+vat)*

*Please note that if you ship a Prohibited or Own Risk item and select additional Loss/Damage Cover, you cannot submit a claim for the shipment and the insurance premium will be non-refundable.

Important carriage information

As you are making a booking with a parcel service, please take a minute to read through the information below to ensure that a parcel network is appropriate for your item(s).

  1. A parcel network is semi-automated and items are passed along a conveyor belt during the sortation process. All items should therefore be packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes, with no loose ends, plastic bags, or protruding edges. We would always recommend using a minimum of 2 inches of packaging inside your box to protect the contents.
  2. As the machines used during the sortation process are automated they don’t have the ability to read. You therefore cannot rely on ‘Fragile’ or ‘This way up’ labels. It’s vital that you ensure your packaging is sufficient to protect your item.
  3. Your packaging needs to be sufficient to withstand a drop from approximately arms-length, at waist height – this will simulate the possible drop which could occur should the parcel fall from the conveyor belt during sortation. Packaging should always include at least 2 inches of padding between the item itself and the exterior box, particularly if fragile – this will ensure that your item does not have any room to move around inside the box.
  4. Glass is not covered at all for loss or damage. Please contact us for guidance if sending Pictures, Mirrors, TVs or monitors, or any other items made of or containing glass. Your item must not be listed as a prohibited or hazardous item, as these items cannot be sent through a parcel network. Hazardous items and those items on the Prohibited list cannot be carried and therefore contravene the ParcelsPlease Terms and Conditions. If these items are sent, all loss/damage cover will be invalidated.
  5. The standard Loss/Damage Cover for ParcelsPlease shipments is up to £60 for parcels and up to £100 for pallets – this cover is included in your booking providing your item is not an own risk or prohibited item. It is your responsibility to take out additional cover if your item is valued at more than this amount. ParcelsPlease will not pay out compensation in excess of the insured amount for any claim under any circumstances. You can add additional cover as part of the booking process.

Loss/Damage Cover Exclusions

ParcelsPlease will not be liable for any loss occurring from the following conditions;

  1. You or the person receiving the goods not taking or accepting delivery within a reasonable time
  2. Insufficient or improper packing, labelling or addressing contrary to our packing, labelling and addressing requirements. This includes using an incorrect postcode or not using one at all
  3. Any special handling requirements in respect of the goods which have not been notified to us
  4. Damage or breakage to any articles (or part of them) that are made up of china, glass, porcelain, earthenware or other similar materials
  5. Goods that contain any form of liquid
  6. An act or failure to act by you or the owner of the goods, or by the Agents of either you or the owner of the goods
  7. Natural loss of bulk or weight, hidden or built-in fault, vice or natural wear and tear, loss of value, moths, vermin or the effect of any process of cleaning, dyeing or restoring any article
  8. Seizure under legal process
  9. Defect of any equipment supplied by you or the receiver of the goods under Condition 7(b) or any negligence of your servants or agents
  10. Delay in providing us with safe and adequate access and/or delivering instructions
  11. Any event or circumstance beyond our control
  12. We will not be liable in any way for a Consignment or other goods- If you have committed fraud or the owner of the goods or your or their employees or agents have done so- Or if the items are already listed and excluded under the prohibited items and hazardous items terms, or in the list of items carried at own risk

Items Carried at Customer’s Own Risk

There are some items which our couriers deem to be Own Risk Items – these items fall outwith the terms of ParcelsPlease Loss/Damage Cover and render your entire consignment uninsurable. For further information and guidance on how to package your items, please read through our Packaging Advice.

If you are sending valuable or fragile items we would recommend that you call our Customer Service Team to discuss packaging and Loss/Damage Cover.