Packaging Advice

Let’s not fall out – please protect your items

Of the very few damages which do occur when using our parcel delivery services, the majority are due to insufficient packaging.

As a parcel network is in semi-automated and part of the sortation process utilises an automated conveyor system, it’s important that your items are packed securely. We would always recommend that you follow our packaging guidelines, in order to minimise any damage which may occur during transit.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Packaging
All items should be boxed, with no loose ends, plastic bags or protruding edges Please do not pack your items in plastic, cloth or fabric bags – a strong cardboard box must be used
Your parcels need to be packaged well enough to withstand a drop from approximately waist height at arms length – this is in the event that your parcel falls off the conveyor belt during processing Do not strap parcels together – this may result in the loss/delay of your parcels and additional charges. Should strapped parcels be separated during transit, the consignment will no longer be covered for loss or damage
When selecting your packaging supplies, please consider strength, durability and cushioning Please do not use cellophane tape or rope to seal your shipment – strong packing tape must be used
When reusing a box, remove all labels and stickers. Ensure that the box is in good condition and not worn out Do not over-seal your parcel as your package may need to be opened by customs authorities for inspection
Many goods sold in attractive packaging will not be suitable for shipping – please repack your items in durable packaging in preparation for transit Never rely on ‘fragile’ or ‘this way up’ labels, your packaging should be sufficient enough to protect your items – the parcel conveyor service will be in the main automated and the machines cannot read these labels
Ensure your goods are well packaged inside your box using bubble wrap and foam or similar cushioning materials Do not overload your box, or under-fill your box as it may collapse – choose your box carefully


Choosing your box

Cushioning your items

It is important that you use plenty of cushioning in your parcels so that your item is not able to move about freely in the box. The use of good padding will protect your item against any knocks which it may experience during transit.

Use the most appropriate padding and wrap your items individually to prevent them from damaging other items in your package. We would recommend at least 2 inches of padding inside your box.

Appropriate Padding:

Sealing your box

Attaching your shipping labels

Sending fragile items?

If you are sending fragile items we would recommend that you wrap each item individually within your parcel – using bubble wrap or foam is a good idea. Please remember that your parcels are being sent through a parcel network. The parcel conveyor service will be in the main automated. As the machines cannot read, you cannot rely on ‘Fragile’ or ‘This way up’ labels or any other label. You need to ensure that your packaging is sufficient enough to protect your item.

Please note that many fragile items will be classed as Own Risk or Prohibited items and as such will not be covered for loss or damage. Please make sure you check these lists before processing your bookings.

Call us for advice

If you would like to get some advice from our Team with regard to the packaging of your items, please contact us on 01292 310 410.

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General Information
EXPRESS SERVICE DELAYS: all Express Services to Europe and International Airports may experience delays of between 24 and 48 hours, due to the Aviation Authority tightening security.


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Loss/Damage Cover

Everything you need to know

ParcelsPlease offers standard and additional Loss/Damage Cover to its customers for all shipments. You may see this entitled ‘Parcel Insurance’ on other websites. Every parcel shipment booked on the website is entitled to up to £60 Loss/Damage Cover per consignment as standard (exclusions apply). Pallet bookings are entitled to up to £100 Loss/Damage Cover per consignment (exclusions apply). Additional cover can be purchased during the checkout process on the website.

Loss/Damage Cover Information
Level of Cover Parcel Deliveries
Pallet Deliveries
Standard Cover (included) Cover up to £60* Cover up to £100*
Cover up to £500 £15.00 (+vat)* £15.00 (+vat)*
Cover up to £1000 £30.00 (+vat)* £30.00 (+vat)*

*Please note that if you ship a Prohibited or Own Risk item and select additional Loss/Damage Cover, you cannot submit a claim for the shipment and the insurance premium will be non-refundable.

Important carriage information

As you are making a booking with a parcel service, please take a minute to read through the information below to ensure that a parcel network is appropriate for your item(s).

Loss/Damage Cover Exclusions

ParcelsPlease will not be liable for any loss occurring from the following conditions;

Items Carried at Customer’s Own Risk

There are some items which our couriers deem to be Own Risk Items – these items fall outwith the terms of ParcelsPlease Loss/Damage Cover. For further information and guidance on how to package your items, please read through our Packaging Advice.

If you are sending valuable or fragile items we would recommend that you call our Customer Service Team to discuss packaging and Loss/Damage Cover.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items cannot be carried through a parcel network

Please find below a list of items that are prohibited from inclusion in our standard parcel delivery services. These items are outwith the terms of carriage of the parcel carriers. If you send any item in this list you will have no guarantee of delivery or service, no cover against loss/damage and no liability cover. Furthermore, sending these items may result in surcharges and delays.

If you would like to talk to one of our customer service team to clarify whether your items would be classed as “prohibited”, please call us on 01292 310 410 – we’re happy to help.

Prohibited Items (cannot be carried through a parcel network)
Description Added
Adhesives 20/09/2010
Aerosols 20/09/2010
Air Bag 20/09/2010
Air Rifle 20/09/2010
Alcoholic beverages 20/09/2010
Ammunition 20/09/2010
Animals (alive or dead) 20/09/2010
Animal skins 20/09/2010
Articles of exceptional value (eg. Antiques, precious stones, gold and silver) 20/09/2010
Batteries containing fluid, gel or acid 20/09/2010
Biological samples 20/09/2010
Boiler 19/01/2012
Car batteries 20/09/2010
Cartridges Ink or Toner (by Air) 04/11/2010
Cash 20/09/2010
Cheques 20/09/2010
Christmas Crackers 20/09/2010
Counterfeit currency 20/09/2010
Currency 20/09/2010
Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials (following IATA regulations for air freight and ADR regulations for road) 20/09/2010
Dishwasher 20/09/2010
Drugs (including prescription) 20/09/2010
Dry ice 01/09/2011
Engines (unless new &/or drained of fluids) 01/09/2011
Filth, foul or disgusting material 20/09/2010
Firearms (of any kind – including replica guns, toy guns, water pistols whether functioning or not) 01/09/2011
Fire extinguisher 20/09/2010
Fireworks 01/09/2011
Fish (unless vacuum sealed) 20/09/2010
Flammable goods 20/09/2010
Flatpack furniture 13/06/2012
Fluid 20/09/2010
Fridges 01/09/2011
Freezers 01/09/2011
Furs 01/09/2011
Gas cylinders 01/09/2011
Guns (of any kind – including replica guns, toy guns, water pistols whether functioning or not) 20/09/2010
Hazardous goods 20/09/2010
Human remains 20/09/2010
Indecent, obscene or offensive articles 20/09/2010
Infectious substances 20/09/2010
Ink Cartridges (by Air) 04/11/2010
Insect larvae (pupae) 20/09/2010
Ivory and ivory products 20/09/2010
Jewellery 20/09/2010
Knives 27/06/2012
Life Jackets 20/09/2010
Liquids 20/09/2010
Living creatures 20/09/2010
Lottery tickets 20/09/2010
Magnets 20/09/2010
Meat (unless vacuum packed) 20/09/2010
Microwaves 20/09/2010
Money, negotiable items and pre-paid cards 20/09/2010
Oil (small quantities of cooking oil may be shipped but as an own risk item) 20/09/2010
Paint 20/09/2010
Passport 20/09/2010
Perishable Goods 20/09/2010
Plants/Seeds 20/09/2010
Plasma television 03/02/2012
Pornographic Materials 20/09/2010
Precious metals 20/09/2010
Pyrotechnics 20/09/2010
Replica weapons 20/09/2010
Plants 20/09/2010
Rifle 20/09/2010
Settee 20/09/2010
Sink 20/09/2010
Sofa 20/09/2010
Suitcases 01/09/2011
Televisions over 32 inches 03/02/2012
Tobacco and tobacco products 20/09/2010
Toilet 20/09/2010
Toner Cartridges (by Air) 04/11/2010
Tumble dryer 20/09/2010
Washing machine 01/09/2011
Weapons 20/09/2010
White Goods 01/09/2011
Wine 20/09/2010

Hazardous Items

Hazardous goods appear on the Prohibited Items List, therefore no hazardous parcels may be booked via the website. The booking of any hazardous substance made on the ParcelsPlease website website is a direct contravention of the terms and conditions.

As ParcelsPlease is part of CCL, a complete logistics supermarket, there are however alternative services available, so please call us if you have any requirements to send hazardous goods.

What is a Hazardous Parcel?

A Hazardous parcel will have a UN number. For information about what the UN number means and identifies, please see here. A list of hazardous symbols and their meanings can also be found on the Government’s Health & Safety website.

Contact us with your Requirements

If you are in any doubt about whether an item you are wishing to send via parcel is deemed as hazardous, please contact our customer service team on 01292 310 410 who will help you identify the class of your goods, and will inform you as to whether there is a suitable shipping option available to you.

Own Risk Items

Items not covered for Loss/Damage

In addition to the list of Prohibited items, which are unable to be carried through a parcel network at all, there is a further class of goods that fall outside the terms and conditions of ParcelsPlease Loss/Damage Cover. These include fragile items which aren’t particularly well-suited to an automated sorting hub. It is not sufficient to put “breakable” or “fragile” labels on the box, the parcels are sorted using an automated process, and machines cannot read these labels.

Customers may book these items through the ParcelsPlease booking service, but carriage is entirely at your own risk. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure that your packaging is sufficient for the product for an automated conveyorable sorting system.

Should any damage occur to these items during transit, then there is no cover for loss or damage, compensation, reimbursement or refund, or other amount payable by the parcel carrier or ParcelsPlease to the customer.

Please carefully read the list of own risk items below. If you have any questions at all regarding the items you’re sending, please contact us for advice.

Own Risk Items (no claim can be made for loss or damage)
Description Added
Alloy Wheels (unless boxed) 05/04/2012
Amber 20/09/2010
Antiques 20/09/2010
Artwork 24/04/2013
Bathroom suite 23/03/2012
Beswick figures 20/09/2010
Bicycles (unless in a hard bike case/box) 12/03/2012
Bottle(s) 20/09/2010
Bulbs (Glass) 20/09/2010
Cameras 12/03/2012
Car body work of all kinds 27/06/2012
Car Bonnet and similar car body work 20/09/2010
Car Bumpers and similar car body work 20/09/2010
Car parts 27/06/2012
Cards 15/11/2012
Ceramic(s) 20/09/2010
Chandelier 20/09/2010
China 20/09/2010
Clocks 20/09/2010
Computer monitors 20/09/2010
Concrete 20/09/2010
Crystal 20/09/2010
Delicate items 20/09/2010
Detergent 20/09/2010
Diamonds 20/09/2010
Dinner service 20/09/2010
Documents 12/03/2012
Doors 01/09/2011
Figurines 20/09/2010
Fireplace 19/04/2012
Fish (vacuum packed) 20/09/2010
Fishing rod 20/09/2010
Fish tank 20/09/2010
Flowers 20/09/2010
Food Stuff 20/09/2010
Furniture 15/11/2012
Gems or gemstones 20/09/2010
Glass (all items containing glass or glass-like materials are shipped at your own risk) 20/09/2010
Glassware 20/09/2010
Gold 20/09/2010
Guitars (unless in a hard case) 20/09/2010
Hamper 20/09/2010
Headlights 20/09/2010
Iphones & Ipads 12/03/2012
Jewellery 20/09/2010
Lladro figures 20/09/2010
Lamp 20/09/2010
Laptops (if this is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 20/09/2010
LCD televisions 03/02/2012
Leaflets 01/03/2012
Lenses 20/09/2010
Lights 20/09/2010
Lighting 20/09/2010
LPs 26/02/2013
Marble (or stone derivatives) 20/09/2010
Microscope 20/09/2010
Meat (vacuum packed) 20/09/2010
Medicines 01/09/2012
Microwave 20/09/2010
Mirror 20/09/2010
Mobile Phones 12/03/2012
Monitor 20/09/2010
Musical Instruments (unless in hard case) 20/09/2010
Negotiable documents 20/09/2010
Oil (small quantities of cooking oil may be shipped but as an own risk item 15/05/2012
Ornament 20/09/2010
Oven 19/04/2012
Overhead projector 20/09/2010
Paintings 20/09/2010
PC (if this item is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 13/03/2012
Personal belongings 20/09/2010
Personal computer (if this item is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 20/09/2010
Perspex 20/03/2012
Pewter figures 20/09/2010
Picture (framed or otherwise) 20/09/2010
Plates 20/09/2010
Porcelain 20/09/2010
Pottery 20/09/2010
Precious metals 20/09/2010
Precious stones 20/09/2010
Printed materials 15/11/2012
Projector 20/09/2010
Records 26/02/2013
Resin 20/09/2010
Scanner 20/09/2010
Server (if this is in original packaging, it will be subject to a maximum liability of £60) 13/03/2012
Shower screen 20/09/2010
Silver 20/09/2010
SIM cards 20/09/2010
Spectacles 20/09/2010
Stove 19/04/2012
Surfboards 01/09/2011
Tablet devices 12/03/2012
Tea set 20/09/2010
Telescope 20/09/2010
Television or computer monitor 20/09/2010
Tender documents 20/09/2010
Tickets 20/09/2010
Tiles 20/09/2010
Toilet 23/03/2012
Toilet cistern 23/03/2012
Torch 20/09/2010
Vase 20/09/2010
Velux window 20/09/2010
Vinyls 26/02/2013
Vouchers 20/09/2010
Watch 20/09/2010
Window 20/09/2010
Window frame 20/09/2010


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