The Not So Small Print

The stuff you really need to know…

We’ve made things easy for you by bundling together all the important information into one place. If you need to view our Website Terms and Conditions, Conditions of Carriage or would like to read about how to submit a Parcel Claim, you’re in the right place.

Prohibited Items

Before you book your parcel delivery on the ParcelsPlease website, we urge you to check that your item does not appear on the Prohibited Items list. Prohibited items cannot be carried by our parcel carriers and by sending such an item you are breaking our Terms and Conditions of Carriage. If you choose to send a prohibited item using our service, there may be a delay to the delivery of your parcel or it  may even be returned to you. Please note that additional charges may also apply and if the item is damaged or lost, you cannot make a claim against the consignment as a whole.

Own Risk Items

As well as items which cannot be carried, there are items which are classed as Own Risk items, which means that they fall outwith the terms and conditions of ParcelsPlease Loss/Damage Cover. These items can be sent through ParcelsPlease but are carried entirely at your own risk – no claim can be made for the loss or damage of these items (or any other items/parcels in the consignment).

The very nature of these items mean that there is a chance they could be damaged in transit – they are in effect ‘high risk’ items. We would therefore strongly recommend that the items are packaged to an extremely high standard. For advice on how to best protect your items, please read through our Packaging Advice or contact our Customer Service Team.


Prepay is the fastest way to book your parcel deliveries with ParcelsPlease – and anyone can use it! Simply log in to your account, click on the Top Up Prepay tab, enter the amount you would like to add to your account and pay – we’ll do the rest! You will then be able to use your Prepay balance to pay for your shipments, rather than having to use your bank card each time.

To top it all off…. each time you use your PrePay funds to pay for a shipment, a 5% discount will automatically be added at the checkout.