Hangover Care Packages


Hangover Care Packages: Would You Use Them?

At ParcelsPlease we’re getting into the festive swing of things. For us, that means more deliveries during our busiest and most productive time of year. But we also realise that this is when others are winding down. With office parties and long lunches galore, ‘tis the season to be merry. This is also the time of the dreaded winter hangover. Ouch! Because we care about our customers, we decided to run a survey to see if we might be able to help.


Introducing the Great Hangover Survey of 2017

We asked the Great British public what they thought about some of the season’s most pressing issues. Our intention was mainly to see if there was demand for a unique hangover care delivery service, but we were also motivated by a deep desire to see what makes us as a nation tick (and drink). The questions were:

  • How many alcoholic drinks do you think it’s acceptable to consume on a ‘school night’?
  • Would you consider phoning in sick the day after a work Christmas party?
  • How do you cure a hangover?
  • Would you use a hangover care package service?


The Results Are In: Britain is Crying Out for a Hangover Care Service

Over half of Britons – a whopping 58.8% – said that they would use a hangover care package service. This tallies with other highly valuable research we conducted, which told us that Google searches for the phrase ‘hangover cure’ reached 27,000 in December 2016. In other words, as a nation we’re desperate for help when it comes to our sore heads and woozy bellies – especially over the festive season.


Hangover Cures: As a Nation We’ve Tried Everything

When it comes to fixing our next-day discomfort, us Britons are prepared to eat, drink or do just about anything, but some old favourites still come out top. According to our research, the most popular hangover cures are a fry up (18.7%), a nap (17.2%) or paracetamol (12.6%).

1 ParcelsPlease_preview

While many of us stick to an old-fashioned fry-up, there are those who are prepared to branch out and try different things. Other popular answers included water, coffee/tea, energy drinks, fast food, crisps, fruit, or getting back on it and having more alcohol.

One person claimed that the only way to get them over their hangover was to have a “mini milk lolly and full fat Coke”, and another strangely relied on “lettuce, lots of it”.

However, 1 in 50 were confident that no cure would work, and that they would just grin and bear it until the hangover went away on its own.

But where would we deliver these items to? Home or work? The next question, about calling in sick gives us some idea of the answer to that.


Hangovers: How Well Do We Cope?

3 ParcelsPlease_preview

When it comes to calling in sick the day after a work party, it turns out that – despite our hangovers – us Brits are quite a hardy bunch. Only 12.2% of us would do it, while 67.4% gave a definite no. However, 20.4% were not sure if they would stay at home after a big work night out, which indicates that it would probably depend on just how large the evening in question was.

Another interesting result of our findings was that the 25-34 age group were the most likely to call in sick after a work party, with men being more likely to not turn up for their shift.


Drinking on a Work Night

Perhaps the most controversial question in our survey was about the amount of alcoholic drinks a person would consume on a ‘school night’. Roughly 46% of respondents said that week-night drinking was just a no-no. But this means that more than half of us would do it. And the question now is, how much would you drink? The survey unearthed the following startling information:

  • 0 drinks – 46.26%
  • 1-2 drinks – 30.71%
  • 3-4 drinks – 10.34%
  • 5-6 drinks – 3.22%
  • 7-8 drinks – 1.69%
  • 8+ drinks – 7.78%

2 ParcelsPlease_preview

Yes, that’s right: nearly 8% of us would go ‘all in’ the evening before work. No wonder we’re so desperate for hangover cures.

If we look more closely at the wealth of data unearthed by this study, we see a fairly even split between men and women in terms of mid-week drinking habits. For example, 42% of females wouldn’t touch a drop on a work night, and neither would 41.9% of males.

Where there really is a gulf between men and women is in the ‘excessive’ range, with 11.1% of males prepared to go the extra mile and drink 8+ pints, while only 3% of women are brave (or irresponsible) enough to do the same. In addition, more women – 34.7% of female respondents – are prepared to stick to one or two drinks. Men, on the other hand, only remain on 1-2 drinks in 21% of cases.

What does this tell us? For one thing, women in general have more willpower. For another, it looks like men will be the biggest customers for our proposed hangover care packages. It also tends to be middle-aged men, those between 45 and 54, who would be more likely to drink in that ‘extreme’ range of eight pints or over. This only goes to show that age doesn’t always bring wisdom.


Interested in Hangover Care Packages?

Based on these findings, the ultimate hangover care package might look a little something like this:

Hangover Care Package_preview

If you’d like to be in with a chance to win one of our limited edition ultimate hangover care packages, as pictured above, tweet us @ParcelsPlease and use the hashtag #HangoverCarePackage. One lucky winner will be selected in January – Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and remember to drink responsibly!


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