Parcels to Japan

With prices starting at only £28.19+VAT(conditions apply) to send a parcel from the UK to Japan, ParcelsPlease offers a fantastic express service. We ensure your parcels are delivered quickly and reliably, door to door in approximately 3-4 working days.

Send a Parcel from UK to Japan

  • Your parcel will be delivered to Japan in around 3-4 working days.
  • As with all countries, please ensure that your item does not appear on the Prohibited Items list – these items cannot be sent through a parcel network.
  • As your parcel will be boarding an aircraft, it’s vital that you adhere to our Packaging Guidelines, ensuring that your package is well protected both inside and out and packed suitably for its journey.
  • The time zone in Japan is very different to the UK, with a 9 hour time difference (GMT +9).
  • Japan is a non-EU member state, which means that duties and taxes will apply to your shipment. These taxes are normally billed to the receiver of the parcel by the local customs authority.
  • A commercial invoice will also be required  – please print off 3 copies of your commercial invoice, complete, sign and date each copy. You should then give these commercial invoices to the delivery driver at collection.

Imports from Japan

If you need to collect parcels in Japan and have them sent back to the UK, ParcelsPlease makes it easy. All you need to do is alter your ‘collection country’ to ‘Japan’ and ‘delivery country’ to ‘United Kingdom’ and you’ll be able to enjoy rates from only £37.49+VAT(conditions apply).

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CONDITIONS APPLY: Prices listed will alter according to the weights, dimensions and postcodes entered on the website. Please ensure you enter the weight and dimensions of your parcels accurately, as additional charges will apply to parcels heavier or larger than stated.