Parcels to Poland


With our fast deliveries, we can help you send a parcel to Poland in next to no time. Choose from our Standard and Express delivery options, which can start at great-value low prices. What’s more, whether you’re looking to send parcels to Poland for personal or business purposes, we’re sure to have the services you need. Choose from our Standard and Express delivery options to send your parcel to Poland from only £16.50+vat  (conditions apply).

Advice for Sending a Parcel to Poland from the UK

Before you look to send a parcel to Poland you need to consider the following points:

  • That your parcel can be at its destination in Poland within 2 – 4 working days. However, this can vary depending on the exact location (conditions apply).
  • You need to make sure your goods aren’t on our Prohibited Items list, so they can be safely transported.
  • That your items are securely wrapped and ready for transit. You can find out some useful Packaging Advice here.
  • That as an EU member state, you do not need to complete a commercial invoice for your goods and that customs duty and taxes will not apply to your parcels.
  • The time in Poland is +1 hour ahead of the UK.

Sending a Business Parcel to Poland

Thanks to its central European position, getting involved with imports and exports in Poland can be a wise business move. This country allows you easy access to neighbouring countries in the EU and it is one of the most popular UK export markets.

So, to make the most of this, you need a reliable delivery and courier service with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure your important business parcels to Poland arrive in the best condition and on time. This is another great reason to choose ParcelsPlease, as we have such services and you and your business can count on us to get your consignments swiftly to Poland.

ParcelsPlease VAT Exemption

If you own a business which is VAT registered outwith the UK, but still within one of the EU member countries, we can offer you the opportunity to suppress the VAT charged on the ParcelsPlease website. If you wish to pay your VAT locally rather than in the UK, please read through the information available and complete our short application form.

Import from Poland

As well as being able to send parcels to Poland, we can also arrange to collect and bring any imports back to the UK. Get in touch to find out more about our great value rates and what we can do to manage your imports from Poland.

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CONDITIONS APPLY: Prices listed will alter according to the weights, dimensions and postcodes entered on the website. Shipments to/from extended areas will incur an extra charge – this will be included in the quotation provided. Please ensure you enter the weight and dimensions of your parcels accurately.