Online Shopping Returns


Are you reluctant to shop online in case you need to return any unwanted items? By using ParcelsPlease to send your unwanted items back to online retailers, you’ll enjoy a cost-effective, reliable and fully tracked parcel delivery service.

Many customers using our parcel delivery services are returning online shopping purchases, so here are a few guidelines to ensure that your parcel return goes smoothly.

Online Shopping Returns Advice

1. Firstly, make sure that you contact the retailer to inform them that you will be returning the item.  Most online shops have a ‘Returns Policy’ and instructions on their website, but if they don’t, please check the address that the parcel is to be returned to and obtain details of the order/return reference number – you can then get a quotation from ParcelsPlease.  Never simply return the item in a box without including information that will help the retailer identify you and who the refund should be made to.

2. If possible, use the retailer’s original packaging, but ensure that the package is prepared to the same quality and standard as you received it.  If plastic strapping was used, then simply stapling this back together won’t be sufficient.

3. If you are using your own packaging, ensure that it is sufficiently strong and suitable.  Plastic bags and sticky tape are not sufficient.  Remember that when you received the parcel it would have had padding and packaging inside the box to stop the item from rattling around. You need to include suitable alternatives for the return journey.

4. Ensure that you always send your online returns via a parcel service that provides online tracking and a secure delivery.  Remember that first class, second class and recorded mail deliveries by the Post Office are NOT guaranteed delivery services – the only Post Office delivery service which is a guaranteed delivery is Special Delivery.

5. Make sure that you have sufficient Loss/Damage Cover. Until the parcel reaches the retailer, it is your responsibility, so cover your item sufficiently in case of loss or damage. Remember that the standard ParcelsPlease Loss/Damage Cover insures your delivery for up to £60. If you wish to purchase additional cover, you can do so during the order process.

Returns Policies

Each of the online retailers have their own way of handing returns. On each of the following pages, you’ll find specific information about each: