The Most Unusual Parcels Sent in Britain


We often get strange requests from customers wanting to mail something out of the ordinary, which got us talking in the office about what the strangest parcels are that people have ever sent?

We decided to look into our sales data, and also ask the public to find out. Here is a list of some of the most bizarre items that people admitted to being sent, along with some even more bizarre reasons.

A Goldfish and Round Bowl

Sometimes you can sense that something fishy has come to your door. It is rare for this feeling to become quite so literal, however, as was the case when one person sent this to their friend who suffered from severe fish phobia. The goldfish had unfortunately ceased to be. Obviously, at Parcels Please we do not condone sending any live animals in the post… particularly goldfish.


Hot Sunday Dinner

Many of us know the very real and serious struggle of being a student, having to drag yourself out of bed at 12pm, slave away in the library for 2 hours a day (sometimes 3), and survive on Tesco value fish fingers. At least one student had it good however, having received a (not so) hot Sunday dinner to his door from loving parents, which arrived fully plated.

An Adult Toy

Long distance relationships can be tough, however in this case it was more embarrassing if anything. The most shocking thing on our list was an adult toy, sent by a boyfriend wanting to keep his relationship interesting by sending his lover the toy. The unlucky lady, however was met with horror as the postman asked for her to sign for the package which was simply packed in parcel paper, revealing the contents to everyone present; we’re not sure if the relationship lasted…

Adult Image


Two Single Nurofen Tablets

Some people are just stingy, but to send two single Nurofen tablets puts you in the higher echelons of tight. Apparently, it was all the caring sender had left to spare for their friend, who had in fact recovered from their headache two weeks before receiving these.



Baby Tooth

There are easier ways to tell your child to go to the dentist, especially when they are 30 years of age. This is what one (clearly worried) parent did when she found out her daughter had not been to the dentist in five years.


Boat Toilet

Many people know first-hand that being seasick can be one of the worst experiences of your life. Unfortunately, so can cleaning the ship toilets after a particularly choppy trip. In this instance, one of the ship’s cleaners decided to send their seasick prone colleague the toilet they had defaced a few months previous, after the ship had been decommissioned.


Home Made Cookies

There is nothing better than warm cookies freshly baked by your kindly Grandma. Unfortunately, Grandma forgot that the UK and Canada do not share a border in this case, and the cookies were rock hard by the time they dropped through the front door.



Children’s Swimming Pool

Some people have trouble acting their age, so it is up to their caring friends to remind them to grow up. That is precisely why this children’s swimming pool was sent to an unsuspecting individual, complete with nappies and a family of rubber ducks.


Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are lovely, although it is customary to have them in December, not July. That did not stop one Christmas enthusiast from sending some of his friends fully decorated trees in the summer months to try and get them in the spirit early.


Suit of Armour

Apparently sent to the wrong address by a museum, the recipient of this full medieval suit of Armour were no doubt taken aback when they opened the door to sign for this particular parcel.

Suit of Armour


A Leaf

It can be extremely disappointing when what looks like a large, exciting parcel turns out to weigh little more than a feather, or even a leaf. Some would call it cruel, others thoughtful or even generous, but when this person’s friend turned vegetarian they decided to send them some ‘food’ in a parcel.



When this one arrived, it was less of a cake, more of a mess. It was sent as a thoughtful birthday gift by loving parents, but unfortunately they had not quite grasped the logistics of sending food in the post. Still, much more filling than a leaf!


Test your parcel expertise with this quiz below to see if you can figure out what has been sent to these unlucky recipients.