Regular Shippers

Do you own a business?

If you own a business and are regularly sending out large quantities of parcels, we may be able to reduce your shipping costs even further. As ParcelsPlease is part of Consolidated Carriers Ltd, your Complete Logistics Supermarket, we can put together a logistics package specifically tailored to your business requirements.

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Multiple carriers, multiple services, one system

CCL will put in place a shipping solution tailored specifically to your business. With a network of the leading logistics providers in the UK, Europe and Worldwide, we can assist with your shipping of parcels, pallets, full loads and containers – no shipment is too large or small.

We’ll give you access to our network of logistics providers, offering multiple carrier and service options on a single screen. Through our ACE (Advanced Customer Experience) system, you will have visibility of your shipments regardless of mode, on one tracking page. You’ll be able to see which are on schedule, which have been delivered early and which have been delayed. More importantly, you’ll also be able to find out the reasons for any delays and be able to keep your customers fully up to date with their order progress.

Would one shipping system with multiple services suit your business? Contact our trade team today.

Manage your shipping effectively

The management information doesn’t stop there: any shipping or logistics manager knows that information is key and our advanced analytics allow you to keep track of average shipping costs per kilo, aggregated over all of your carriers and services.

You’ll also receive only 1 monthly invoice, significantly reducing the number of hours you spend on shipping admin. All invoices are held in your ACE account for up to 2 years, making VAT returns and accounting a breeze.

Sound like the answer to your admin problems? Contact us today to see what’s on offer for your business.

Keep your customers informed

Use the branded dispatch notification email system to let your customers know when their orders have been dispatched. Simply give us your customer’s email address and we’ll send them an email branded with your company logo, providing them with their shipment tracking number and informing them that their order is on its way.

Our customers have found that this email system has significantly reduced the number of WISMO (where is my order?) calls coming into their business, allowing them time to focus on moving the business forward.

Apply for a trade account

If you think your shipments are regular enough to apply for a trade account, please CONTACT US. We’ll go through a short company profile with you in order to establish your logistics requirements. Our trade team will then advise you on the best logistics solution for your company.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to working with you in the coming weeks.