Choose an environmentally responsible parcel delivery company

If your business is Green, Organic, or Ethical, then you’ll be keen to work with a parcel delivery company who can continue your own comany’s ethos.  With ParcelsPlease, being green need not cost you extra: our parcel delivery services are not only environmentally sound, but also financially viable.  We believe that no-one should have to pay a green premium.

We have a Carbon Positive footprint

We were the first UK logistics company to achieve a positive carbon footprint. We have also been accredited with ISO14001, demonstrating clearly our commitment to an environmental management system, regard for environmental conformance and compliance with all regulations.

We work with Global Trees

Every year we pay Global Trees to plant trees, offsetting the amount of carbon emitted from CCL and ParcelsPlease logistics services.

Global Trees Campaign

Incorporate ParcelsPlease deliveries into your environmental policies

Many companies now strive to incorporate environmental policies throughout their entire business, particularly those companies selling organic or green products. Being Green is about more than simply the products you sell, it’s also about the way you do business, how and where you source your products, the packaging, and also the deliveries – which is where we come in.

This means that when you do business with ParcelsPlease or CCL, you demonstrate to your customers that your green credentials run throughout your business. The fact that you’ve chosen suppliers who are aware of environmental issues and concerns and who have taken all possible steps to minimise them, shows your customers the integrity of your brand.