About Us

What we’re all about

At ParcelsPlease.com we’re all about ensuring you the best possible parcel delivery service for the best possible price – we’re here to help. We work with the leading logistics providers througout the UK, Europe and Worldwide in order to offer you fast, reliable, door-to-door delivery services.

What you can expect


We make every effort to provide you with accurate and important information to let you make the right choices, which including Questions & Answers, Packaging Advice, Prohibited Items and Own Risk Items.

Accurate Quotations

It’s quick and easy to get a quotation on the ParcelsPlease website. Once you’ve entered your shipment details, we’ll provide you with the available service options. The prices we quote are the prices you’ll pay – no hidden costs. It is however extremely important that you enter your details accurately, as additional charges may apply to items heavier or larger than stated.

Great Prices

We have very competitive prices available thanks to our long standing relationships with our carriers. Not only can you ship from the UK, you can also import your parcels to the UK from many worldwide destinations – and it won’t cost the earth.

We’re happy to talk

With ParcelsPlease you can be confident that you are dealing with a dedicated e-commerce team whom you can contact quickly and easily by phone or email. The team will have visibility of your booking and will be able to answer any queries you may have.

We care about the environment

CCL was the first logistics company in the UK to become ‘carbon positive’, one step further than becoming carbon neutral. We work with Global Trees in order to offset the carbon emissions created by our global shipments.

What you can expect

The ParcelsPlease website has a vast number of features available to customers and businesses alike:

  • Online quotations and booking
  • A selection of services and prices
  • Parcel and pallet delivery options
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Personal address book
  • Recent shipments
  • Payment history
  • Prepay facility